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Life of Fred Mathematics

High School Mathematics

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Life of Fred High School Course

If you...
1. do not have a solid understanding of fractions, decimals, percents and the other concepts covered in a traditional pre-algebra program.
2. do not like math
3. have used any another math program up to 7th grade level
4. have used any Saxon Math up to and including the Pre-Algebra books.

We highly recommend that you consider going through the Life of Fred Pre-Algebra books before starting Life of Fred Beginning Algebra. This will prepare you to grasp the concepts in the High School level books with far greater ease.

If you...
1. have finished the Life of Fred PreAlgebra books
2. have used another algebra program.
3. have used Saxon Math Algebra 1 and/or 2.

You are ready to start Beginning Algebra. Beginning Algebra and Advanced Algebra cover more algebra than almost any other curriculum, particularly those used by home educators. It also teaches algebra in a different order than most other programs. As a result, it is beneficial to go through both books, even if your student has already had algebra instruction.

Geometry requires that you...
1. have finished Life of Fred Advanced Algebra
2. OR have a thorough understanding of Algebra
3. OR have completed Saxon Math Algebra 1 and 2
4. OR are taking a geometry course and not understanding what they are teaching

You are ready to tackle Trigonometry when...
1. You have finished Life of Fred Geometry
2. OR you have a thorough understanding of Algebra and geometry
3. OR you are taking a trigonometry course and not understanding what they are teaching.

The books in the High School Program are: Click on the links above for detailed information about each book, including sample lessons.

Life of Fred High School Set1
High School Set 1 (Algebra)

This set can be started with any student who has completed Life of Fred Fractions, Decimals and Percents, PreAlgebra 1 with Biology, and PreAlgebra 2 with Economics or has completed a Pre-Algebra program in another curriculum and is good with word problems.

This set includes:

Life of Fred High School Set 2
High School Set 2

This set can be started with any student who has completed Life of Fred Beginning and Advanced Algebra or has completed Algebra 2 in another curriculum. This set could also be considered a College Prep set as it prepares the student for college level maths. After completing this set, the student is ready to go into the College Set.

This set includes:

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We simply sell solid, educational resources. Your comments are welcome.

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