Life of Fred

... As Serious as It Needs to Be.

Life of Fred Mathematics

Life of Fred: Trigonometry
(Trigonometry and Pre-Calculus)

Life of Fred Trigonometry
Life of Fred:
Trigonometry Expanded

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A day and a half in our hero's life.
• Cuisine! See what dinner in a limo is really like
• Entrepreneurship! Learn how to create a best-selling board game
• Sports! Witness the boxing match of the century
• Fashion! Create a T-shirt to keep you out of the hospital

Covers all of trigonometry including...

Unlike all other math programs, this one also has:
• Preview of all of Calculus and what specific material you'll need from arithmetic, algebra, geometry and trig in order to do all of calculus
• Reviews of functions, factoring, fractions, and graphing inserted just before the chapters in trig in which you will need them
• The first time in your math career in which you will see the number one defined rigorously

All answers are included in the textbook.

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Life of Fred Trigonometry is a hardcover textbook containing 496 pages. This book is not consumable. All answers are written on separate paper or in a notebook.

Number of Lessons: 94 daily lessons.